The First Church of the Nazarene in Fulton, New York began in 1949 with prayer meetings in the home of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Aaserud in Oswego, NY. Through these prayers, the church was organized on May 28th, 1950 with eighteen charter members and Rev. Walter Butt (pastor of the Oswego Nazarene Church) as its first pastor. The original church stood across the street from its present location and was considered a temporary building. The parsonage at that time was at 911 Utica Street.

In 1951, Rev. Thomas Younce became the pastor and the present property at 914 Utica Street was purchased with a vision of a new church being built. Rev. William Eckmeyer assumed the pastorate in 1953 and under his leadership, the old church was moved across the street to the newly purchased property. A basement was erected to accommodate the growing Sunday School.

On January 14, 1962, Rev. Frank Heberle was called as the pastor. It was evident at this time that additional Sunday School space was needed as well as a new parsonage and fellowship area. Through donated time and labor, a new parsonage was built where it stands now at 910 Utica Street with a large walk-in basement to be used as the fellowship area and space for new Sunday School classes.

Five years later it was apparent that the church had again outgrown its facilities. A campaign was launched and in 1968, the new church was erected. A dedication service was held on June 20, 1971. Since then several pastors have served and the church has continued to grow.

The original church, which sits between the parsonage and the church, is now referred to as the Red Building. In the 1970’s it served as the Nazarene Youth Center and later in the 1980’s it was home to the ABC Pre-school. As the church continued to grow, more space again was needed and in the late 1980’s the building was remodeled to be used by the church full time. It now houses the pastor’s study, the church office, two adult Sunday School classes and the Youth Department which meets in the basement of the building.

In 2012, it was again remodeled and houses a community youth center known as “Another Level” as well as the pastor’s study and church office.

The Fulton Nazarene Church has seen several anniversaries and milestones since 1949. On May 14, 1975 the church celebrated its silver anniversary with special services under the pastorate of Rev. Wallace H. Smith. A Burning of the Mortgage celebration was held on July 23, 1989 and the church held its 50th anniversary on May 14th, 2000. Both of these milestones were celebrated under the leadership of our present pastor, Reverend David C. Cramer.  Rev. Cramer celebrated twenty-five years as pastor of the Fulton Nazarene Church and a special service was held in August 2011 to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary.

The Hinman Hall Ministry Center was dedicated in 2012.  This was planned for, prepared for, and paid for by the time it was done.  It is truly a gift from the Lord.

Since 1949, the goals and vision of the Fulton Nazarene Church have remained steady…to be a people who love Jesus and to lead men, women, boys and girls to the Christ who can redeem their souls and bring real meaning to their lives. Though buildings change, people change and pastors change, this will always remain the focus of the First Church of the Nazarene in Fulton, New York. To God be the glory, great things He hath done…and will continue to do!