Pastor – David Cramer
Cramers2013aRev. David and Debbie Cramer



Administrative Pastor – Jim Butler



Church Board Members

Jim Butler -Treasurer

2 year terms:
Bob Brown
Bob Duplesis
Rodger Loomis
Beverly Neville

1 year term:
Dawn Butler – board secretary
Jeff Clark
Phil Hausele
Laureen Whitney


Sunday School Discipleship (SDMI) chair:
*Jim Butler – for 1 year
SDMI team:  Sandy Loomis, Laureen Whitney

Nazarene Missions International (NMI) President:
*Sue Parker Simpson
NMI team:  Dawn Brown, Debbie Cramer, Gloria Lanning
NMI convention @ Auburn COTN May 13, 2017
Delegates:  Beverly Neville, Dianne Sweeney

District Assembly Delegates @ Christ Community April 30, May 1:
Sandy Loomis, Gloria Lanning
*   These leaders are on the Church Leader Board by virtue of the position