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Here are links to some of the interesting story videos that come from our Nazarene Missions International. Feel free to share with others. Just click on any of the story links and enjoy!  Nazarene Stories


Nazarene Missions Magazine:  If you would like to read our Nazarene Missions magazine on-line, the information to get the two e-magazines is below. There are some awesome stories and information you won’t want to miss.  Check it out, right now!

Mission Connection:  Go to http://nazarene.org/subscriber.aspx and fill in the proper boxes to receive the electronic NMI magazine.

Engage Magazine is a web-based magazine focused on Nazarene mission news.  www.engagemagazine.com

Faith Promise, it is a systematic and dynamic way to give to our Nazarene World Missions. It is a way to give regularly to help around the world in tangible ways all year long both in the U.S. and abroad.

If you haven’t received the Faith Promise brochure see Sue Simpson for one. Giving $1 a week is $52 a year; $2 per week would be $104 a year and so forth. Pray and ask God what He would help you do so you can regularly give to help around the world.

Alabaster offering is used to help fund medical clinics, seminaries and building of churches around the world.  If you need an Alabaster box so that you can deposit your pocket change all year long, please see Sue Simpson.  Alabaster collections are taken twice a year, in February and September.  Start saving your change NOW!

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