Classes for all ages are offered on Sunday mornings. Come join us!


The idea of Discipleship Ministries (formerly known as Sunday School) did not begin

with the Church of the Nazarene. From the Garden of Eden, where God personally

tutored Adam and Eve; to Abraham and the Israelites, who were instructed to teach the

truths of God in the home; to the early Jewish synagogues; to the catechetical schools

of the Early Church; to our present Sunday School the learning process has always

been most effective in small-group settings.


Through the study and interaction of the Sunday School class, believers learn how to

relate God’s truths to their daily challenges. This effective small-group organization still

offers the finishing touch of support, caring, and fellowship to an individual. Sunday

School has always been an effective outreach arm of the church. Through Sunday

School enlistment, the unchurched are located, visited, and incorporated into a class.

Besides receiving personal spiritual nourishment, students learn how to reach out to

others in their workplaces and communities. Sunday School is a tool. Through it, we

can teach the Word of God effectively to lead people into salvation, entire sanctification,

and continued spiritual growth.


At the Fulton Church of the Nazarene, our goal is for each person to have a

transformed life through knowing God and his Son, Jesus Christ. Our Discipleship

program seeks to be a warm and accepting place that gives Bible instruction and helps

us to apply that instruction to our everyday lives.